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Q: I want to try ProCorra but are there any negative side effects? 

A: None of ProCorra's ingredients have been associated with negative side effect! 

Q: Is Procorra safe to take.

A: Procorra is extremely safe!


Q: Will ProCorra really low my Blood Pressure naturally  

A: ABSOLUTELY!!! We call it the 3 week test. Take your blood pressure BEFORE taking ProCorra and the again 3 weeks after taking ProCorra. Since we are all different the effects of ProCorra will vary from good to better over time. As it took a while to get into your condition it will take some time to get the relief you seek. 

Q: Will ProCorra help clean out the cholesterol and Plaque from my Veins and arteries? 

A: YOU BET! After taking ProCorra for 3 months have your cholesterol checked the results will speak for themselves! 

Q: I heard Beet juice is great for lowering blood pressure. Can't I just take one of those supplements? 

A: While, Beet juice will improve your blood pressure, there is a price to pay as beets are very hard on your Kidneys. While using beet juice (in moderation) is a step in the right direction it does not go far enough as beets do Not address ALL of the issues associated with high blood pressure such as repairing and strengthening veins & arteries. Furthermore they don't clear out plaque and cholesterol from your cardio vascular system.

Q. I have heard that prescription drugs can have serious side effects. Is this true? 

A. Very True!  Amalodapine, Benicar, Carvedilol, Lisinopril and all other Prescription drugs can have harsh side effects such as Liver Damage, Dizziness, Heart Palpitations, Irregular heart rate (Arrhythmia) and those are just a few of the side effects. We suggest you research all the possible side effects for whichever High Blood Pressure Prescription you are taking and see for yourself. What you will discover is quite shocking. *If you read the fine print that comes with these types of prescriptions, you will see that there can be many side effects ranging from minor to very major.

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