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Addresses the 3 major Causes of high Blood Pressure.

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#1 Plaque Build Up -  Cholesterol Plaque is a medically recognized cause of heart disease. When Plaque (fatty deposits) clog your arteries, it's known as atherosclerosis. These deposits are made up of cholesterol, fatty substances, cellular waste products, calcium and fibrin (a clotting material in the blood). Atherosclerosis is very common disease which you want to avoid. 



ProCorra - Helps removes dangerous Cholesterol and Plaques from your Cardio Vascular System. ProCorra also helps stops the aggregation of blood cells (not allowing your blood to Clot, Unnecessarily!!!) This is done WITHOUT Thinning your blood! *It is important to seriously consider NOT thinning your blood as there are many downsides to this treatment.

The Result: Is your blood flows normally the way it is supposed to flow. 



#2 Artery Calcification - Is the buildup of calcium in the arteries, which can cause blood vessels to narrow and harden, ultimately leading to the development of heart disease. Calcification is a gradual and progressive process that is seen in most people starting after the 4th, 5th & 6th decade of life. This results in a reduction of arterial elasticity and an increased propensity for morbidity and mortality due to the impairment of the cardiovascular system's hemodynamics. In other words, most people's natural lifestyle leads to an excess of calcium which leads to a negative effects on your blood vessels. 


ProCorra - Travels through your Blood System helping remove excess Calcification (Which is a Major problem) and helps your body regulate Hemodynamics {which is a funny way of saying it helps your body do it's natural job}.

The Result:  Allows your veins to become flexible/supple once again.   




#3 Damaged and weakened Veins & Arteries - When inflamed, the blood vessels will over time become weakened and stretch in size, which can lead to aneurysms. The vessels also may become so thin that they rupture resulting in bleeding into the tissue. Vasculitis can also cause blood vessel narrowing to the point of closing off entirely (called an occlusion). If blood flow in a vessel with vasculitis is reduced or stopped, the tissues that receive blood from that vessel become injured and begin to die. It is clear that the immune system (the system that keeps the body healthy) plays a big role. In most cases of vasculitis, inflammation causes an immune or "allergic" reaction in the blood vessel walls. Substances that cause allergic reactions are called antigens. Sometimes certain medicines or illnesses can act as antigens and start this process.

ProCorra - Deploys powerful antioxidants into the bodies Blood Stream which strengthens the arteries and veins in the body as well as strengthening your Immune system. ProCorra also helps widen your veins and allows the Blood to Flow normally through your body. ProCorra regulates Antigens thus greatly reducing the expansion and contraction of veins and arteries, essentially reducing inflammation. This Helps allow your veins and arteries to function like they were intended to. 

 The Result: Stronger veins, and Arteries that are fortified and help carry the bodies blood normally through your body!

Over time & with consistent use Procorra will help support normal artery & vein function Like the example below. 

ProCorra  helps unclog  your

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